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Adding Custom Actions

You can add Custom Actions to any table in your database. Custom Actions are a quick way to execute any stored procedure in your database or pass any information to an external page based on the data contained within your tables. To get started using Custom Actions, right click on a row in your CMS and click on "Custom Actions". Click on "Add Custom Action". You can then select the procedure you would like to execute, the column from your table to pass in, and the parameter to pass it to. Click on "Create Custom Action". This new custom action is then added to the list of actions available and when you click it the selected value from the table is passed to the Execute Procedure function or in a querystring to a page. 

SQLCMS generates a set of custom actions automatically by comparing input parameters of stored procedures with primary keys in your tables. For example if a stored procedure takes UserID as a parameter and you have a table with UserID as a primary key (and of the same datatype) then SQLCMS will generate a custom action to pass the UserID to the stored procedure.


To access custom actions, right click on some data and go down to "Custom Actions".