What is DiffSchema?

DiffSchema is a small program that detects differences between the schemas of 2 MS SQL databases. It's very easy to use but it's also pretty powerful and you can do quite a lot of things with it. DiffSchema is free, open source software. You are welcome to use it or modify it however you wish (let us know if you improve it!). You can download DiffSchema from sourceforge.

DiffSchema works by comparing any 2 SQL databases and detects any differences between them. DiffSchema can detect differences between tables, views, stored procedures and functions. You can setup multiple pairs of databases with different rules. A typical scenario may be to ensure the structure of the databases are identical but only check the rowcounts on a subset of tables. To do this you would add 2 DiffSchema configurations like shown below:

This configuration will only check the full database structure when you click the "DiffSchema!" button, but will check the rowcounts match on the config and settings tables automatically every 30 minutes. You can add as many combinations of these settings with as many different databases as you like.

DiffSchema can email you any differences it finds automatically. If you have scheduled DiffSchema then it will only send you a report if it detects a change from the previous report. You can view all current reports for all database pairs from the View menu.

If you like DiffSchema, be sure to check out our main project - SQL CMS.